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Right now New York is being pummeled by a series of snow storms that have turned the streets into a slushy, muddy mess. This morning I saw more varieties of street slurpies than I knew existed … as well as a lot of people who were clearly unprepared for them.

Gentlemen, your nice leather work shoes will NOT make it through snow drifts and come out the same. You cannot pop that stuff on the heater when you get home and expect everything to magically be okay by morning.

Ladies, suede heeled boots are NOT a wise choice for an unshoveled sidewalk. No amount of protective spray can keep those things together. And while tottering around may look feminine and ladylike, it sure is annoying to walk behind you.

Now introducing: The Boot That Will Solve All Your Problems

LL Bean 10″ Shearling Lined Bean Boots

I could tell you all about how they were made at the turn of the century by tiny elves for tramping in the woods in Maine blah blah blah. What you’re really interested in is:

  • They’re waterproof
  • They’re crazy warm and comfy
  • They’re manly enough for men, and but awesome enough for women

I like mine laced up to two from the top, and worn super loose, like slip-ons. I’m thinking of swapping out the plain brown laces for red or orange.

Of course you could always take a page from the lovely fashion bloggers below:

LL Bean - Taylor Davies

Taylor Davis from shutupilovethatshirtonyou.com

LL Bean - stevencrawford

From unabashedlyprep.com

LL Bean - Ion Fashion

Urban style from Nicole Comeau of theionfashion.com 

Feature image from LLBean.com


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