Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Dark

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Light

No, really.

I know everyone is religious about J Brand and madly in love with MiH. I confess that every time I see Olivia Palermo rocking her AG skinnies, I want to give up saving for a trip back to Thailand and buy them in bulk.

But I’ll tell you a secret … The best jeans in the world are at Uniqlo, on sale now for $30 a pop.

And you get free next day hemming!

Now do I have your attention?

I’m all about the Ultra Stretch Jean:

  • It comes in a plethora of washes and colors, including some great pastels for spring (I’m totally feeling white jeans for all seasons this year). FYI: Certain washes (like grey and the dark navy) fit tighter than others, so be aware
  • The fabric is a great middle ground between the comfort and softness of a jegging, but the weight and heft of a real jean. You know how you see girls wearing super thin denim that shows everything plus a cup of cellulite? This jean don’t do that
  • It has a “normal rise”–not so low that you want to call Britney circa 1990, but high enough that you don’t see muffin top
  • It fits a little big (for Uniqlo) and stretches out, so you get to size down! I actually went down two sizes and wanted to tap dance in the fitting room
  • It shapes, lifts, and slenderizes … but still lets you feel like you. I wear these jeans when I want to go out to a big dinner but still look fabulous

A co-worker of mine just went out and bought 5 pairs, which sounds profligate until you realize that all she spent was $150. I don’t think $150 can get you even one pair of J Brands!

So really … What are you waiting for?

Images from uniqlo.com


2 thoughts on “The Only Jeans You’ll Ever Need

  1. Uniqlo rocks. Those japaneese people know their shit. After walking through hong kong’s largest mall, i always ended up in uniqlo…

    • HK’s largest mall … I can’t even imagine what that must be like! I can understand why Uniqlo would seem like an oasis after that. 🙂 And I agree … The Japanese have got it all figured out. When can we plan a trip to go visit? (Think of the beer!)

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