Often little things happen throughout my day that are extremely annoying but extremely trivial at the same time: idiotic commuters, the “It’s showtime, showtime!” subway dancers, people who walk too slowly on the sidewalk. My co workers, God bless ’em, patiently listen to me dissect these experiences day by day. But if I’d been smart, I would have saved my energy and start producing a web series like SRSLY.

These girls are smart, funny, and not afraid to make fun of themselves. And they are supported by a crack team of amateur actors, directors, and designers, so the show has a very high production value. Over time, they’ve really upped their game and even done collaborations with major brands. I have totally been to that vegan restaurant, and the snotty boutique shop is a classic (and an East Village reality!). And while the main stars can sometimes be a little over a top, they never fail to get a laugh out me.

Can’t wait to see the next episode!



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