I know what you’re thinking. Dry what? And even if there’s such a thing, how can shampoo be dry when it’s so obviously a liquid?

Dry shampoo is basically baby powder in a spray can. Remember that old 80’s trick of taking a teeny bit of baby powder and rubbing it in to your roots to keep them from looking greasy? That’s what dry shampoo does … without turning your hair white. It soaks up extra oil, and leaves your hair looking lovely and, weirdly, clean! Consider it Febreeze for your head.

I love dry shampoo on second day hair since, despite the best efforts of my hairdresser (I love you, Julie!), my hair tends to look oily pretty quickly. I also love it when I wake up late and I don’t have time to jump in the shower before dashing to work. With dry shampoo and a hairband, I can cut 30 minutes off my morning routine and just run out the door. That means 30 more minutes of sleep!

I also know some very smart ladies who keep dry shampoo in their desks at work. Before going out for the night, they do a quick zap (do your part and then flip your hair over and do the roots) and voila! Fresh, fabulous and “clean” hair!

There are many, many brands of dry shampoo, but my favorite is actually a UK brand called label.m. It doesn’t smell like old ladies (I’m looking at you, Psssst!) and it gives my hair this nice, soft texture. Plus, you can get it on Amazon for only $15!


P.S. I know I’m late to the game, but have you seen the documentary on Vidal Sassoon? What an amazing visionary. I wish I could have had one of his famous 5-point haircuts!

Images from styloko and label.m


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