After a very long, cold winter (by NY standards, at least), spring is finally sprung! And with it, flea markets and stoop sales are back in full force–two of my favorite things about living in BK.

Yesterday I was thrilled to discover that the famous Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene has expanded to Park Slope! It’s a much smaller outfit, which means virtually no lines for food and a much more relaxed (read: fewer hipster death stares) atmosphere.

Two particularly fantastic MOBILE vintage clothing shops were also in attendance: La Poubelle Vintage and Coast to Coast Vintage. What a fun concept–retail freed from a stuffy brick and mortar shop and sold out of adorable (and adorably decorated) camper vans!

This is where I should probably confess that I’ve never really “gotten” vintage. I love the look on other people (high waisted pants aside), but whenever I go to the actual shops, I tend to feel that I’m being overcharged for buying other people’s old, slightly unwashed clothing. The only things I’ve successfully purchased are handbags and jewelry. I do have an ambition to pick up a great fur someday, but that’s about it. (It doesn’t count as fur if it’s vintage … right?)

The two shops yesterday made me rethink my opinion on vintage a bit. I was first attracted to La Poubelle because of the cute sixties shift dress hanging out the outside … and the sign promising “Vintage Awesomeness” inside. Look at that camper van!



One of the fun things about the van is that if you want to try on clothing, you just pop in and shut the door for your own private dressing room. No struggling to pull dresses over your clothing or crouching behind a rack in broad daylight.


The interior of the van was done up as a sort of charming grandma’s closet. Shame the heeled mules on the left didn’t fit! More info and the back story of the owner (who was, refreshingly, there and looking exactly like her picture on the site) on her website. Apparently La Poubelle started out on Etsy and was so successful that she was able to expand to the traveling camper van.

Coast to Coast Vintage describes itself as, “a rolling shop with a serious case of wanderlust”. They had a much bigger outfit, and a ton of great finds.




The best part is that everything is available on their website–and I recognized a lot of what I saw on the racks shown on figure. Part of my issue with vintage is that the clothing has little hanger appeal. With the website, I was able to see a lot of pieces in action.

I loved this 80’s shirt with grosgrain ribbon detail:


Here it is on the site!


Ferragamo is making a much-deserved comeback. These boots were slightly too big but seriously cool:


On the site:


Lastly, I was super impressed with Coast to Coast’s decor, especially the clever vignettes. They owners did a great job of building a brick-and-mortar like atmosphere that was fun and positively transporting.



I didn’t end up buying anything (although I certainly tried!), but it’s great to know this will be out every weekend for the next few months.

Brooklyn Flea: Park Slope
PS 321, 180 Seventh Avenue (btw. 1 + 2 St.), Park Slope

La Poubelle Vintage

Coast to Coast Vintage



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