Registration details have been released for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, which means you can see your bib number and, most importantly, what wave you’re in. This year I’m lucky enough to be in Wave 1. No more waiting for a half an hour while everyone else starts ahead of me–wheeeeee!

This also means that I’ve got to buckle down on training. There is, shall we say, a slight gap between what I’d like to run and what I actually run. I spent the better part of this morning fiddling with the McMillan Running Calculator. Have you ever used it?

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.33.54 PM

You pop in what time/distance you’re currently running and what time/distance you’d like to run, and then it calculates how much faster you’ll need to go to reach your goal. I can’t tell if it’s a huge downer or the last bit of motivation I need to ramp up my training. I’m hoping the latter!

And in the name of honesty:

4/5 – 8ish mi @ 9min/mi – Brooklyn Bridge and back

4/6 – 3.3 mi @ 9min/mi – Prospect Park

4/12 – 3 mi @ 9min/mi – Slow toodle along Tay River (Scottish running!)

4/13 – 4.5? mi @ 8:30min/mi – V uphill in the English countryside

4/19 – 11 mi @ 9min/mi – West Side Highway and back

4/20 – 3.3 mi @ 8:30min/mi – Prospect Park


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