I can’t hide it–I’m so excited to share this post with you! Fishing in Scotland is one of the most unexpected and lucky things that I’ve done in a while (what that says about me–I’m not sure).

Mr Kitchen and I were invited to fish with family on the Tay River in Scotland. Of course it wouldn’t be Scotland without fun names, so the area we fished in was called Dalmarnock–3 miles of silver clear water just outside of Dunkeld. Shakespeare fans may recognize the name of the nearby town of Birnam. Yes, we were in Birnam Wood! It actually exists!


We were also lucky enough to work with a very nice gillie who made sure we had the most optimal fishing experience possible. The poor man had the unenviable task of teaching me how to fish, which, with my limited coordination, was quite a challenge (or as they say at my office, an “opportunity”). We started out on spinners, and I immediately flung my line into a bush. Hooray!

The next day we went out on the river in a boat with four lines (four is better than one!). In what felt like a complete accident, we managed to pull in a little brown trout–my first fish! The gillie unhooked and bopped it on the head so quickly that I almost didn’t realize what was happening.  Later on I got a better look; fresh fish are so beautiful! Our brownie had gorgeous, iridescent scales and greeny gold spots. That said, it’s funny how quickly it transformed from being a living thing to something you’re looking forward to having for dinner.


That was our only fish of the day (actually the whole trip), but it was still a good excuse to BBQ. Of course this is Scotland, so we crouched on pebbles around a very smoky bonfire, getting rained on and eating food generally burnt beyond recognition. But because it’s Scotland, no one complained, and everyone was Very Determined to have a Good Time. In comparison to New York, where people manage to complain about sunshine, it was a refreshing outlook.

I gutted the fish (first time! not as difficult as I thought), grilled it, and ate it straight off the skewer on a log. It was DELICIOUS!

Scotland 2014 - 16
Scotland 2014 - 18
DSC03404 DSC03407

The perfect end to the day, and top it off, a rainbow over the woods!

Stay tuned for fishing part 2 in the English country side …



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