Whilst in London, Mr Kitchen paid a visit to one of the most gimmicky cafes I’ve come across: The Attendant. It’s named for the man who hands you towels after you’ve gone to the bathroom … because this cafe is located in a former London public toilet!


All together now … “EEWWWWWW!”

I don’t care how much they’ve scrubbed this thing. There’s no amount of bleach that can get rid of decades of dried … gahhhhhhhhh. Topiaries and vintage signage ain’t gonna make the walk down into the smelly depths more pleasant either.

Mr Kitchen was brave enough to order a coffee, which, to be fair, he said tasted perfectly fine. He did report a general sense of overdone cheer from the servers, as if they didn’t get many visitors and were SO GLAD to see someone, anyone in their cafe.

Decor-wise, what’s creative (or just plain weird) about The Attendant is that they’ve kept the old urinals and transformed them into little “booths” that you can sit at and surf your iPhone. More pics on this lovely website.

For me it’s a publicity stunt at best–one that I’m not sure will stay around once the novelty wears off. I have only one question–do you think they have toilets … inside their converted toilet?

The Attendant
27a Foley Street @ Great Titchfield St
Fitzrovia, W1W 6DY

Featured image from Facebook/The Attendant


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