As summer approaches, one of the things I love to concoct is the perfect, refreshing (sometimes non-alcoholic) drink. What better way to greet visiting friends on a sweltering day than with a tall glass of wonderful? It’s like the first peek of the fun to come that evening.

Last night we had company for dinner, and I put together a pitcher of this Gingery Grapefruit Punch. Lucky me–Mr Kitchen liked it so much we had to double our recipe or risk running out!

We poured it over ice, but if you were really smart, you could make ice cubes out of lemonade or grapefruit juice for a real zing. And if you were really smart, I bet a shot or two of rum wouldn’t hurt either!

Gingery Grapefruit Punch

2 bottles (12 oz x 2) ginger beer
24 oz grapefruit juice (eyeball it–same amount as the ginger beer)
2 tablespoons lemon juice (half a lemon)
2 shots of Vermont maple syrup (add half a shot more if you like it really sweet)
Seltzer water
Mint sprigs or lemon slices for garnish

Pour the ginger beer, juices and maple syrup in a pitcher and stir. Serve over ice and top off with a splash of seltzer. Garnish with sprigs of mint or lemon slices.



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