The neatest thing opened near our house this year … A dedicated shuffleboard club! (I almost want to call it an “alley” like a bowling alley, but that sounds odd)




It’s called the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, and after trying my hand a game, plus a specialty rum punch from the bar, I was sold!

The Club itself is done out like a hipster’s take on a Florida retirement center, with tons of space, a dj booth, two bars, and even a Bingo lounge!

Shuffleboard is like a cross between curling (without the ice) and bocce ball (without the balls). The object is to slide your team’s pucks down a long lane and into an area marked with points. You want to place your pucks in the highest scoring area, while also making sure the opposing team (who is using the same space) doesn’t score.

Shuffleboard is full of fun slang: a puck is a “biscuit” and the sliders are called “tangs”. This leads to great plays on words for all the teams on the club’s shuffleboard league: Swift Biscuits, Hot Tangs, and, my personal favorite, Hit ‘Em in the Biscuits.


The game itself can be as relaxing or as exciting as you desire. And if you get bored, the club itself is a great hangout spot. You can rent board games (hello, Connect Four!), lounge in one of the banquets or–even better–grab a bite from the dedicated food truck window! They have a special section where food trucks can drive up, park, and serve food straight into the building!


On Sunday I went to cheer on a friend who’s team made it into the League Championships. Her group is called the Fluxus Flamingos, and they kicked butt! Here is my friend in the Shuffle-Off (one rep from each team tries to score as high as they can with eight consecutive biscuits). Go, Flynn, go!


Overall, a very worthy way to spend the afternoon, and a great idea for a birthday party.

Note: The Gowanus Area has pretty much established itself as the new Williamsburg. The Club is just the tip of the iceberg … Ample Hills Creamery opened next door, and just two blocks away there’s going to be a dedicated archery range (!) and pie baking cafe developed by the sisters who created Four and Twenty Blackbirds (!!!!).

I’ll never move.

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club
514 Union St btw 2nd & 3rd Ave
Gowanus, Brooklyn


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