Ladies, we’re officially in to summer, which means we’re officially in to the Season of Shaving. Between dresses, skirts, and shorts, there’s no excuse to hide our legs, and shaving is paramount.

I am a great, unapologetic supporter of the shaved leg. One time I was at Uniqlo and saw a woman who tried to pull off the whole, “If I fall behind on my shaving, it’s okay because I have blonde hair … right?” thing. She was not right. Get that stuff taken care of or wear pants.

Luckily there’s a way to make shaving much more fun and, amazingly enough, almost chic! Have you heard of L’Occitane’s Shower Oil? It’s this amazing product that a friend introduced me to a few years ago. It’s a lovely oil that comes out of the bottle as a liquid, but once you rub it between your hands with some water, it turns into a soft, slippery foam. It’s the perfect consistency for a good shave, and once you rinse it off, it leaves your skin with the lightest, most moisturizing trace of oil. Sometimes I use it all over like a shower gel–a little goes a very long way. All this, and it even looks pretty on my shower shelf.

And while we’re on the subject of L’Occitane, does anyone know how to confidently pronounce the brand name? It’s like the Proenza Schouler of beauty products. L’Occitane was clever enough to own up to this dilemma, and even put out a cheeky video about it.

The correct way, according to Frenchman in the video, is LOX EE TAN.

Say it with your best French accent. 😉

Almond Shower Oil
8.4 oz/$25


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