The most wonderful and terrible thing happened at work last week: A 3-block wide and month-long food fair opened up about ten feet from my office. Red Hook Lobster Pound, Waffles & Dinges, Wok Shop, Billy’s Bakery … It’s not even like those lame summer avenue fairs where all they sell is deep fried ding dongs and funnel cake–this is all the GOOD stuff. My wallet is already aching.


The event is hosted by UrbanSpace, the same people who rocked Madison Square Eats. While prices are high, they’re a bargain in comparison to the other chain restaurant horrors in Times Square (Red Lobster! Sizzler! Ruby Tuesday!). And the quality of the food is superb.

Last week I spent $10 on the “Famous Original” pizza at Roberta’s. Imagine gooey mozzarella topped with tomato, fresh oregano, chillies and some kind of mind blowing cheese called caciocavallo–YUM. Roberta’s even brought in their own pizza oven, so you get the most delicious, chewy, semi-charred crust that smells like heaven.



I wolfed down the whole thing so fast that I forgot to take pictures. But to get your mouth watering, I’ve borrowed an image of a margarita pizza from Roberta’s website. These people really know what they’re doing:


I’m thisclose to going back and ordering something else from them, but then I think about all the other amazing booths and feel silly. Next week: Brooklyn Wok Shop!

Also seen at the food booths … Stuff is going down during lunch hour … !


UrbanSpace: Garment District
Sept 15 – Oct 17
Broadway, from 41st to 39th St


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